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Custom Electronics

Biometric Services, Inc. (BSI) designs electronic controls that enable your PC to gather information and/or control real world processes via its serial port. Using our circuit boards, your PC can be programmed to orchestrate in real time the operation of motors, pumps, compressors, valves, and any other equipment, thereby controlling real world processes. With our circuit boards, your PC can also take analog readings, like temperature and pressure, or digital readings, like the state of a motor or of a pump (on or off), to monitor and control the process until completion. In short, our circuit boards enable a PC to "talk" to and to control real world processes in real time. We have used this technology to automate truck terminals' washing and container-heating operations, but their applicability in controlling or monitoring real world processes is virtually unlimited.

BSI circuit boards currently available:

  • Master InterfaceBoard P400
  • Parallel I/O Board P401
  • 12-bit Analog P402 Board
  • 10-bit Analog P403 Board
  • RS 422 I/F Board P300
  • RS 422 Hub P301
  • Local Temperature Controller P302
  • General Purpose Slave Board P303
Of course, BSI also has the capability to custom design "intelligent" circuit boards to fill particular needs of the client. In many cases a custom designed board is the best alternative, in terms of cost and/or function, for satisfying a need within a client's system. PIC microcontrollers from Microchip Technologies are powerful and versatile. We are experienced in programming PIC microcontrollers within an embedded circuit board design to specifically perform a task or tasks required in the client's operation. The "intelligence" of the microcontroller in an embedded desgin allows the circuit to process feedback and respond to what is happening in real time. We have designed boards to replace obsolete electronics in an existing system. We have designed boards for new applications in systems that we have designed and installed.

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