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About Us

Biometric Services, Inc. (BSI) is a computer consulting firm specializing in custom programming, installation and support for multi-user microcomputer systems and networking. BSI's experienced staff features knowledge in the Unix, Linux, Windows, NetWare and Theos operating systems with application development capabilities in several programming languages.

The Past
BSI was founded in September, 1976, and incorporated in March, 1977. Our original field of emphasis was in environmental database statistical processing (thus the name ‘biometrics’, which is the quantitative analysis of biological data). We developed several useful programs in our early years on a Cyber (Control Data Corp.) computer. With the advent of the early 8-bit personal computers some of these programs were ported to 8-bit microcomputer operating systems. As our reputation grew for the environmental analysis programs which we had developed, we began branching out into custom software development for a few local businesses. These businesses, in turn, recommended us to others and our software business burgeoned.

Our OASIS/THEOS experience dates back to some of the earliest versions of the operating system, which ran on Digital Group and Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II microcomputers. As the computer industry matured, we evolved through the Altos and IBC multi-user environments, into today’s Intel Pentium based computers, adding experience in XENIX and UNIX as 16 – and 32 – bit Personal Computers came to market.

The Present
We write customized database software applications for businesses in many different fields, including insurance company and agency packages, computerized process control systems, general accounting packages, wholesale and retail inventory and billing systems, and specialized services billing packages. We support businesses running mixed environments of UNIX, Linux, Windows, NetWare and Theos with various numbers of users. We provide support for operating system installation, security, upgrades and training; hardware installation, upgrade and repairs; programming (4GL, Basic, C, Batch/Exec, Shell, and other databases); word processing and spreadsheets; inter-platform communications; email and automated fax systems; and data translation services. Much of this support (except of course hardware installation) is provided via the internet, modem or telephone to reduce on-site travel costs to our clients.

Some of our newer products include process control programs and hardware, lab data automation, as well as improved versions of many of our original software packages. And for those businesses which need no custom programming we provide hardware, software, operating system support, upgrades and installation, as well as networking and training.

Typically, our custom software clients have specialized programming requirements which cannot be met with vertical market (shrink-wrapped) software solutions for their business environment. Many of our customers were formerly supported by other employees or subcontractors who have since retired or moved on to other markets. Our expertise allows us to pick up where these other consultants left off and to continue to provide the support these customers want and need in order to run their businesses efficiently. We often enhance existing packages with new reports and features so that their information may be entered and retrieved in a format which is more useful.

The Future
We look forward to using evolving technologies to provide a broad spectrum of solutions to meet the needs of business and industry.

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